Your classic Mercedes-Benz specialist.

Who are we?

Classic Star Club was established in 2020 by founder Emil Carøe Bech Sørensen.
The company is located in Viborg, Denmark but offer worldwide classic Mercedes-Benz for sale. We are proud to say that we have happy costumers all over Europe including Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland and Finland.

Classic Star Club are specialized in classic Mercedes-Benz cars and especially the iconic G-Class. We can help you to achieve your dream by finding the perfect car, or even build it for you if your dreams are bigger than what’s on the market.

So, whether you are looking for a classic Mercedes convertible for the sunny days or an old classic Mercedes for restoring, we always have something in stock.

We are enthusiastic about restoring, selling and buying cars.

Join the journey!


It all started back in 2011 when Emil in the age of 14 inherited a 1973 Ford Granada 2.3 V6, the car which started it all. In the following years the Ford was traded away for a BMW 730i V8 E32, which started a preference for BMW’s and especially the 7-series. Already in 2013 several of BMW’s had been parked in the garage, including two 750iL Highline E32’s and a 740i E38. 

First in 2016 Emil fell over a Mercedes-Benz 200 /8 W115, and this car led to an obsession classic Mercedes-Benz cars. Later hundreds of Mercedes’ has been through the garage including many of Emil’s favorite, the iconic G-Class. And in 2020 the establishment of Classic Star Club took place.

Upcoming plans.

Looking at the longer-term development of Classic Star Club, there are actually plans to change location. On the drawing board is a plan to open a restaurant in the car dealership, which demands more a more central location preferably in Aarhus. 

Opening a restaurant in a car dealership may sound crazy, but it just provides great opportunities. Consumers are seeing a trend towards greater demand for experience economy. The Danes have become more willing to go out and eat, but they want an experience with the purchase. At Classic Star Club, they get an experience beyond the usual. Here you can sit between the iconic cars, and maybe even be tempted to invest in one.